Character Name: Hardcore
AKA: Thomas "Tommy" Harding
Campaign: Champions: The Mutant Chronicles
Genre: Super Heroic
Val Char Base Cost Roll Summary
30/70 STR 10 20 15- / 23- Lift:  1600.0kg/409.6tons 
18 DEX 10 16 13- Initiative:  18 
20/38 CON 10 10 13- / 17- Stun Threshold:  20/38 
13 INT 10 3 12- Perception Roll:  12- 
10 EGO 10 0 11-
15/20 PRE 10 5 12- / 13- PRE Attack:  3d6/4d6 
7 OCV 3 20 STR Dmg:  6d6/14d6 
6 DCV 3 15 STR END:  3/7 
1 OMCV 3 -6
3 DMCV 3 0
12/50 PD 2 10   12/50 PD • 12/38 Res. PD  
8/45 ED 2 6   8/45 ED • 8/37 Res. ED  
4 SPD 2.0 20 Phases: 3, 6, 9, 12
6/20 REC 4 2
40/75 END 20 4
12/20 BODY 10 2
36/74 STUN 20 8
12m/20m, Run 12 0
0m Swim 4 -2
4m/30m Leap 4 0
Total 133
Total earned: 103
Spent: 102
Unspent: 1
Base Points: 462
Complication Points: 100

Characteristic Points: 133
Power Points: 330
Talent Points: 6
Martial Art Points: 20
Skill Points: 72
Perk Points: 3

Total Points: 564
Type Top Speed  
Run 12m/20m, [24m/40m NC]
Swim 0m [ NC]
H. Leap 4m/30m [8m/60m NC]
V. Leap 2m/15m [0m NC]
Tunneling 2m [2m NC]
  Eye Color:   Brown      Height:   1.91 m
  Hair Color:   Brown   Weight:   250.00 kg   
  Personality:   Tommy Harding was a troubled teen whose self esteem really suffered from chronic abandonment issues as well as a bitter rebellious tendency brought on by abuse when he was but a youngster. To make up for his own self perceived inadequacies Tommy has put on a very tough exterior and still rarely lets anyone get too close to him. Over the past two years Tommy has done a lot of growing up. He took a huge leap forward when he started caring for his sister and matured a lot. Now that she is fully in control of her mind he almost feels more like the kid than his 13-year-old sister. In spite of this new maturity Tommy knows that he is nigh invulnerable and as a result is recklessly fearless but often with a strong protective streak. Though many of his rebellious traits remain, Tommy no longer goes out of his way to appear that way. Despite his tough exterior Tommy is really motivated by his desire to help others but he doesn't like to let anyone know that. This causes him to play up his rebelliousness around others and act like the tough guy who doesn't care about anything. The church has given him a new outlook on life and he is determined to do good things. He has even thought about actually adventuring as a Superhero but given his lack of movement abilities he's just not sure. Of course that didn't stop him from thowing together a costume...just in case.
"You want some?" a - "YOU WANT SOME?!" b - "Hehe...That Tickled." c - "Bring it Bitch!" d - "I got your back!" e - "OH YA! That had to hurt!" f - "Let's Do This!"
Thomas Anthony Harding was born on July 7th, 1992 in Fontana, California. His Father, Art (aka Bull) was a long time enforcer for the Demons motorcycle gang based in the area. His Mother, Amber, wouldn't win any parenting awards either, the drug addict and sometimes prostitute wisely gave her infant son to her parents to raise. This lasted until her parents were killed in a tragic car accident just after the boy's eighth birthday. Amber took the boy into her run down apartment but was really no mother to him. Bull was in and out of the picture depending on his mood and incarceration status but severely abusive to both Tommy and Amber when he happened by. For the following two years Tommy learned to take care of himself in many ways. When Tommy was ten years old Amber had another baby. Bull was not at all pleased. He assumed (correctly), that the baby (Sarah) was not his. He beat Amber so severely that she ended up in the hospital with internal injuries. In spite of her injuries Amber did not press charges against him. For the following two years Tommy cared for his sister with the help of an elderly neighbor (Mrs. Harrington). His mother fell further into her doped up oblivion and eventually overdosed on Tommy's 12th birthday. The children went to live with Bull but it was a very short stay. Less than a month after they moved in, Bull went on a drunken rampage and began beating the two year old girl. Tommy stepped between his behemoth father and his sister, screaming for the man to stop. Bull's response was to pull back his mammoth fist and smash it into Tommy's jaw. Amazingly, it was not Tommy's jaw that shattered but his father's fist. With Bull writhing in pain, Tommy scooped up his baby sister and ran to the police station. Tommy told them what happened, skipping the part about Bullís fist breaking when it hit him, but including numerous tidbits about Bull's past activities. Bull was arrested and indicted on several counts of child abuse but nothing else could be proven. He was sentenced to seven years in prison and the children were placed in a foster home. The following four years were a much brighter time in the Harding children's lives. Having no relatives to speak of, the children ended up with Richard and Lisa Ortiz, a middle class family who had three children of their own. Tommy became quick friends with his foster parent's oldest son James and the two shared a healthy interest in Heavy Metal music (as well as a somewhat unhealthy rebellious streak). Extremely bright but not the most studious kid, Tommy did fairly poorly in school despite the constant insistence of his teachers that he was an intelligent young man. Most of Tommy's efforts went into music and figuring out ways to not get caught in various less than legal activities. He did well in both. His sister, Sarah, was diagnosed with autism and while slow in a general sense, she is extremely gifted with puzzles and various other mental tests.Things continued on pretty well for nearly four years. Tommy and James started a Heavy Metal band called Demon Vomit and what they lacked in ability they made up for with enthusiasm. The Oritzes were not particularly happy with the pair's performance in school but were pleased that they had never gotten in trouble and they were progressing well musically. Things all changed when Bull was paroled. He somehow found the whereabouts of Tommy and Sarah and paid them a visit. Tommy again intervened and found to his (and the Ortiz's) astonishment that he was impervious to a shotgun blast as well. Bull escaped before the authorities arrived but left his mark. Tommy's mutation was now known (in spite of his four year long attempt to hide it) and the Oritzes were not prepared to deal with it or future visits from Bull. While they were prepared to move if necessary, they admitted that while they could handle Sarah, keeping Tommy would inevitably pose some problems. Fortunately for Tommy, his social worker received a call that very day from local couple who were prepared to take him in. Interestingly, they lived directly across the street from one of the best local high schools, James L. Davis in Corona. Tommy attended Davis High for the next two years and while the experience had its ups and downs he eventually graduated. He reconnected with James and the two moved to Los Angeles to be closer to the music scene. Over the next four years their new band, Hellrider, gained a local cult following but could never quite make it to the big time. It was 2013 when things changed drastically for Tommy. His sister Sarah, who had been still living with James' parents, developed Cyberkinetic abilities and was being sent back into the system. Tommy was determined that she would not be shuffled between state facilities and foster homes. He patitioned for guardianship and with the help of his old social worker was awarded custody of Sarah. Sure he had to get a real job, rent an actual apartment and basically give up his (not so) promising music career but his sister would be taken care of. Things were tough, Tommy was having a very had time dealing with an autistic Cyberkinetic and was actually starting to wonder if he had done the right thing. In early 2014 he caught Sarah taking a late night flight in a gyrocopter she had assembled. He followed her to a church where she finally landed. He was in the process of admonishing her when a man who introduced himself as Father Abraham introduced himself. He invited the siblings in and after a short conversation with an Indian man named Hadi, explained what the church was. A front for the Mutant Underground. They were an organization who helped people like he and Sarah and he offered to try to help Sarah with her autism. Tommy declined at first but two weeks later conceded when Sarah created a killer robot out of spare parts from the auto shop near their apartment. Stitch was brought into the church and was able to cure the autism that had plagued his sister for years. Suddenly he was living with a child prodigy with nearly a 300 IQ and Cyberkinetic powers. The Harding kids became fixtures at "The Church" after that. Tommy is heading up the security detail and Sarah has a hand in nearly everything else.

 Maneuver Phase OCV DCV  Effect
 Block ½ +0 +0  Block, abort
 Brace 0 +2 ½  +2 vs. Range Mod.
 Disarm ½ -2 +0  Can disarm
 Dodge ½ -- +3  Abort, vs. all attacks
 Grab ½ -1 -2  Grab two limbs
 Grab By ½ -3 -4  Move and Grab
 Haymaker ½* +0 -5  +4 DC attack damage
 Move By ½ -2 -2  STR/2 + v/10, you take 1/3
 Move Through ½ -v/10 -3  STR + v/6
 Multiple Attack 1 var ½  Attack multiple times
 Set 1 +1 +0  Ranged Attacks only
 Shove ½ -1 -1  Push 1m per 5 STR
 Strike ½ +0 +0  STR or weapon
 Throw ½ +0 +0  Throw w/ STR dmg
 Trip ½ -1 -2  Knock target prone
 Catch Punch  1/2 +1 +0  Block, Grab One Limb, 30 STR / 70 STR Hold, Abort
 Take It On The Chin  1/2 +2 +1  Block, Abort
 Grab  1/2 -1 -1  Grab Two Limbs, 40 STR / 80 STR for holding on
 Jab  1/2 +1 +0   8d6 / 16d6 Strike
 Throw  1/2 +1 +0   6d6 / 14d6 +v/10, Target Falls
 Hook/Kick  1/2 -1 -1   10d6 / 18d6 Strike
  Name   Effect END
Strong!  STR 4
Like Hitting a Brick Wall 2d6 Killing Attack - Ranged 0
Ripping and Tearing 1d6+1 (3d6+1 / 6d6 w/STR) Killing Attack - Hand-To-Hand 2
Stone Hard Fists 2d6 Hand-To-Hand Attack 0
Improved Haymaker 3d6 Hand-To-Hand Attack 1
Arm Sweep 3d6 Hand-To-Hand Attack 2
Flick of Unconsciousness 2d6 Hand-To-Hand Attack 2
Shockwave 3d6 Hand-To-Hand Attack 3
  Name   Effect Defense END
Hard I  PD 38
Hard II  ED 37
Enhanced Physiology II  Power Defense 20 0
Instinctive Bracing  Knockback Resistance 10 0
Tough Senses  Flash Defense 10 0
Tough Senses II  Flash Defense 8 0
Heavy  Knockback Resistance 4 0
No Fear I  Mental Defense 20 0
Shades  Flash Defense 6 0
  Name   Effect END
  Type Base/Total   Current Vitals
  Stunned Threshold 20/38   STUN:
  Melee Damage 6d6/14d6
 Physical Defense 12/50 /36/74 
 Res. Phys. Defense 12/38   END:
 Energy Defense 8/45
 Res. Energy Defense 8/37 /40/75 
 Mental Defense 20   BODY:
 Power Defense 20 /12/20 
      OCV: 7 DCV: 6      
      OMCV: 1 DMCV: 3      
Combat Skill Levels
+3 with Street Fighting+2 with Dive For Cover, Block and Catch Punch
Initiative and Action Phases
DEX:   18 Action  Phases: 3, 6, 9, 12
 Range 0-8m 9-16m 17-32m 33-64m 65-125m 129-250m
 RMOD 0 -2 -4 -6 -8 -10

  END  ;   Description   Cost  ;
  Mutant Invulnerability, all slots Unified Power (-1/4)
1) Hard I:  +38 PD, Hardened (+1/4), Impenetrable (+1/4), Resistant (+1/2) (76 Active Points); Cannot Shut Off (-1/4), Unified Power (-1/4)
2) Hard II:  +37 ED, Hardened (+1/4), Impenetrable (+1/4), Resistant (+1/2) (74 Active Points); Cannot Shut Off (-1/4), Unified Power (-1/4)
3) Enhanced Physiology I:  Life Support (Immunity All terrestrial poisons; Immunity: All terrestrial diseases; Longevity: 200 Years; Safe in High Pressure; Safe in High Radiation; Safe in Intense Cold; Safe in Intense Heat; Safe in Low Pressure/Vacuum; Self-Contained Breathing) (30 Active Points); Unified Power (-1/4)
4) Strong!:  +40 STR (40 Active Points); Unified Power (-1/4)
5) Like Hitting a Brick Wall:  Killing Attack - Ranged 2d6, Persistent (+1/4), Area Of Effect (2m Surface; +1/4), Constant (+1/2), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2), +2 Increased STUN Multiplier (+1/2) (90 Active Points); Only When Struck (-1/2), Always On (-1/2), No Range (-1/2), Only Up To DCs of Incoming Attack (-1/2), Not When Grabbing (-1/2), No Knockback (-1/4), Unified Power (-1/4)
6) Enhanced Physiology II:  Power Defense (20 points), Hardened (+1/4) (25 Active Points); Cannot Shut Off (-1/4), Unified Power (-1/4)
7) Tough!:  +38 STUN (19 Active Points); Unified Power (-1/4)
8) Tough II:  +18 CON (18 Active Points); Unified Power (-1/4)
9) Tough III:  +14 REC (14 Active Points); Unified Power (-1/4)
10) Powerful Legs:  Leaping +26m (4m/30m forward, 2m/15m upward) (13 Active Points); Unified Power (-1/4)
11) Don't Get Tired Easy:  +35 END (7 Active Points); Unified Power (-1/4)
12) Instinctive Bracing:  Knockback Resistance -10m (10 Active Points); Must Be Aware of Attack (-1/2), Unified Power (-1/4)
13) Hard III:  +8 BODY (8 Active Points); Unified Power (-1/4)
14) Powerful Legs II:  Running +8m (12m/20m total) (8 Active Points); Unified Power (-1/4)
15) Enhanced Healing:  Regeneration (1 BODY per 6 Hours) (6 Active Points); Unified Power (-1/4)
16) Overconfident:  +5 PRE (5 Active Points); Unified Power (-1/4)
17) Tough Senses:  Sight Group Flash Defense (10 points) (10 Active Points); Only Works Against Physical Forms (Eye Poke, Etc.) (-1), Unified Power (-1/4)
18) Tough Senses II:  Hearing Group Flash Defense (8 points) (8 Active Points); Only Works Against Physical Forms (Ear Clap, Etc.) (-1), Unified Power (-1/4)
19) Heavy:  Knockback Resistance -4m (4 Active Points); Unified Power (-1/4)
Strength Tricks:  Multipower, 35-point reserve, (35 Active Points); Variable Limitations (requires -1/2 worth of Limitations; -1/4); all slots Unified Power (-1/4) 23
1) Ripping and Tearing:  Killing Attack - Hand-To-Hand 1d6+1 (3d6+1 / 6d6 w/STR) (20 Active Points); Must Follow Grab (-1/2), Unified Power (-1/4)
Notes: 6d6K w/STR
2) Stone Hard Fists:  Hand-To-Hand Attack +2d6, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) (15 Active Points); Hand-To-Hand Attack (-1/4), Requires A Roll (14- roll; -1/4), Unified Power (-1/4)
Notes: 16d6 w/STR
3) Improved Haymaker:  Hand-To-Hand Attack +3d6 (15 Active Points); Only When Haymakering (-1/2), Hand-To-Hand Attack (-1/4), Unified Power (-1/4)
Notes: 23d6 w/STR & Stone Hard Fists
4) Super Strength Smash Through:  Tunneling 2m through 16 PD material (34 Active Points); Increased Endurance Cost (x2 END; -1/2), no Noncombat movement (-1/4), Unified Power (-1/4)
5) Arm Sweep:  Hand-To-Hand Attack +3d6, Area Of Effect (3m Line; +1/4) (19 Active Points); Hand-To-Hand Attack (-1/4), Requires A Roll (14- roll; -1/4), Unified Power (-1/4)
Notes: 16d6-1 w/ STR and Stone Hard Fists Added
6) Flick of Unconsciousness:  Hand-To-Hand Attack +2d6, Attack Versus Alternate Defense (Resistant PD Covering Head; +1) (20 Active Points); Hand-To-Hand Attack (-1/4), Requires A Roll (14- roll; -1/4), Unified Power (-1/4)
Notes: 10d6 w/ STR and Stone Hard Fists Added
7) Shockwave:  Hand-To-Hand Attack +3d6, Only Does Knockdown Not Knockback (+0), Hole In The Middle (Fixed Size: 1m Area Character is in; +1/4), Area Of Effect (8m Radius; +1/2) (26 Active Points); Extra Time (Full Phase, -1/2), Hand-To-Hand Attack (-1/4), Only Affects Targets On The Ground (-1/4), Unified Power (-1/4)
Notes: 11d6 w/ STR Added
  Fearless, all slots Unified Power (Mutant Invulnerability; -1/4)
1) No Fear I:  Mental Defense (20 points total) (20 Active Points); Only Vs. Fear Effects (-2), Unified Power (Mutant Invulnerability; -1/4)
2) No Fear II:  +10 PRE (10 Active Points); Defense Only (-1), Only Vs. Fear/Intimidation (-1), Unified Power (Mutant Invulnerability; -1/4)
1) Shades:  Sight Group Flash Defense (6 points) (6 Active Points); OAF (-1), Side Effects, Side Effect occurs automatically whenever Power is used (-1/2)
Notes: -2 Sight PER in Low Light Situations
Total Powers Cost   330
  Description   Cost  
  Street Fighting (Custom Maneuvers)
1)   Catch Punch   1/2 Phase,  +1 OCV,  +0 DCV,  Block, Grab One Limb, 30 STR / 70 STR Hold, Abort
2)   Take It On The Chin   1/2 Phase,  +2 OCV,  +1 DCV,  Block, Abort
3)   Grab   1/2 Phase,  -1 OCV,  -1 DCV,  Grab Two Limbs, 40 STR / 80 STR for holding on
4)   Jab   1/2 Phase,  +1 OCV,  +0 DCV,  8d6 / 16d6 Strike
Notes: 18d6 w/ Stone Hard Fists
5)   Throw   1/2 Phase,  +1 OCV,  +0 DCV,  6d6 / 14d6 +v/10, Target Falls
6)   Hook/Kick   1/2 Phase,  -1 OCV,  -1 DCV,  10d6 / 18d6 Strike
Notes: 20d6 w/ Stone Hard Fists
Total Martial Arts Cost   20

  Roll     Description   Cost  ;
+3 with Street Fighting 15
+2 with Dive For Cover, Block and Catch Punch 6
13- Breakfall 3
13- Climbing 3
13- Combat Driving 3
10- Combat Piloting 2
12- Electronics 3
12- Mechanics 3
12- (13-) Oratory 3
10- Persuasion 2
12- Security Systems 3
12- (13-) Streetwise 3
13- Teamwork 3
11- AK: Southern California 2
Language: Spanish (basic conversation) 1
Scholar 3
1) KS: Heavy Music (3 Active Points)
2) KS: Music Scene (3 Active Points)
3) KS: Mutant Undergroud (2 Active Points)
4) KS: Superhuman World (3 Active Points)
Jack of All Trades 3
1) PS: Play Guitar (2 Active Points)
2) PS: Play Piano (2 Active Points)
12- (13-)
3) PS: Singer (Growler is more like it) (3 Active Points)
TF: Combat Aircraft, Two-Wheeled Motorized Ground Vehicles 0
1) Acting
2) Concealment
3) Conversation
4) Deduction
5) Paramedics
6) Shadowing
7) Stealth
8) Language (idiomatic; literate) (5 Active Points)
9) TF: Small Motorized Ground Vehicles
10) PS: Security Guard
11) AK: California
  Roll     Description   Cost ;
  Lightsleep 3
Hot! In a Bad Boy Kinda Way:  +1/+1d6 Striking Appearance (vs. all characters) 3
Total Talents Cost   6
Total Skills Cost   72
  Description  Cost ;
 Contact: William Barker (Social Worker) (Contact has useful Skills or resources, Contact limited by identity, Good relationship with Contact) 11- 3
 Favors: Victory Girl, Abuelita, PRIMUS Director Tyler (GM Gift) 0
 Contact: Golden Avenger Webster (Contact has access to major institutions, Contact has significant Contacts of his own, Contact has very useful Skills or resources, GM gift, Good relationship with Contact) 8- 0
 Contact: The Protectors (GM Gift), Organization Contact (x3) 8- 0
 Contact: Kinematik (GM Gift) 8- 0
 Positive Reputation: Member of Hollywood Knights (A medium-sized group (Californians)) 11-, +1/+1d6 (GM Gift) 0
 Fringe Benefit: Federal/National Police Powers, GM Gift 0
 Computer Link: PRIMUS Database (GM Gift) 0
 Money: Well Off; GM Gift 0
Total Perks Cost   3
  Description  Points 
Distinctive Features: Mutant (Not Concealable; Always Noticed and Causes Major Reaction; Detectable Only By Technology Or Major Effort) 10
Distinctive Features: Big, Thuggish Looking Man (Concealable; Noticed and Recognizable; Detectable By Commonly-Used Senses; Not Distinctive In Some Cultures) 5
Dependent NPC: Sarah Harding (Tweaker) - Sister Frequently (Slightly Less Powerful than the PC) 10
Hunted: IHA Infrequently (Mo Pow; NCI; Watching) 10
Physical Complication: Can't Swim, Sinks Like a Rock (Infrequently; Greatly Impairing) 15
Physical Complication: Limited Tactile Sensation (Infrequently; Slightly Impairing) 10
Physical Complication: Heavy (550#) (Infrequently; Slightly Impairing) 10
Psychological Complication: Overconfident (Common; Strong) 15
Psychological Complication: Protective of Others (Common; Moderate) 10
Quirk: Quotes Heavy Metal Lyrics 1
Quirk: Eats constantly 1
Quirk: Dislikes the Preppy crowd 1
Quirk: Likes appearing like a rebel 1
Quirk: Loves Horror Movies 1
Hunted: Genocide Infrequently (Mo Pow; NCI; Harshly Punish; GM Penalty) 0
Hunted: PRIMUS Infrequently (Mo Pow; NCI; Watching; GM Penalty) 0
Total Complications Points   100