About Us

What is Haymaker!?

Haymaker! is an APAzine about Champions (a super-hero roleplaying game) and the rest of the HERO System (a generic role-playing game). Founded in 1992, it has been an on-going collaborative effort of many different authors, and serves as a proving ground for settings, story ideas, characters, mechanics, general rules, or whatever the contributors want to write about.

What is an APAzine?

An APAzine (or 'zine', for short) is an Amateur Press Association magazine. It consists of a group of like-minded people who write (or draw) on or about a specific topic (in this case, the HERO System). An APA works as follows: each member contributes an article by the deadline, delivered to the Coordinator. The Coordinator combines these articles into one publication, indexes them, and distributes the publications so that each member will receive a copy with every member's work (including their own).

What is Champions and the HERO System?

Champions is a superhero role-playing game originally published by Hero Games in 1981. Since then, it has become one of the most popular superhero role-playing games around. Players can play any character they want, from a flying strong guy to a teleporting powersuiter to a mind-controlling vigilante. The system's flexibility is one of its greatest assets. Skills, Powers, Characteristics, Complications, and more can all be chosen by the player.

The HERO System is the generic version of Champions that covers non-superhero genres, such as modern-day spies, fantasy wizards and warriors, globe-trotting Pulp-ea adventurers, space-faring star marines, and more.

What is a role-playing game?

A role-playing game (or rpg), is a cooperative game in which several people act out individual roles for fun. It's like improvisational theater, in which you make up your character's lines and actions as you go, as long at the director (Game Master) doesn't disagree. It's sort of like watching a movie and saying, "This is what the hero should do next...".

How can I get a copy of Haymaker!?

Individual sample issues of Haymaker! are available by contacting the Coordinator, John Desmarais, by email at john@herostuff.net. Subscriptions are available only to people who are regular contributors to Haymaker!.

How much is Haymaker!?

Haymaker! is not available for sale to the general public. Contributors are asked to donate what they can to help defray the Coordinator's costs (paying for web space for the Haymaker! site, domain name, and so on).

How large is an issue of Haymaker!?

Size varies by issue, but a typical issue is around 100 to 150 pages.

How often does Haymaker! come out?

Haymaker! comes out four times per year (January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1).

How many people read Haymaker!?

Readership grows every issue, and is currently around 100 (40 to 50 copies going out assumed read by 2 people each). The active contribitorship is about 20 right now.

How can I contribute to Haymaker!?

We are happy to accept new authors and artists. Just contact John Desmarais by Email.. All submissions are to be done electronically. Paper submissions are accepted, but with a 5 cent per page fee to convert them to electronic format.

What are the contributor rules?

There is a minimum activity (MINAC) rule of at least four pages every two issues (six months). Because the number of contributors is limited to what the coordinator can handle, those who do not contribute will be dropped from the roster to make room for new authors.

Also, articles that do not include HERO System material do not count toward the MINAC. This means that art-only or fiction-only articles must be supplemented by HERO System material. Though in the case of artwork the coordinator may make concessions for commissioned pieces.

Contributors are also expected to try and give feedback on article they read at least once every two issues, even if it's "I really liked what you wrote." It is feedback that helps us all become better writers.

Can I get more detail?

Sure. You can read the introductory letter sent to new Haymaker! author applicants, or the contributor guidelines.