World Of Maenza
(Martin Maenza, 8 pages)
Kirchoff, Karishi, and the Sword of Seimei
The Rainbow Corner
(Ross Prebish, 10 pages)
Islamic Law, Adventures in Saudi Arabia
The Hildalgo Trading Company
(Cliff Christiansen, 22 pages)
Stronghold's Institute for the Criminally Insane
Heroics Made Easy
(Steven Brinich, 4 pages)
House Rules On Mental Powers
Local Hero
(Dave Mattingly, 10 pages)
Sourcebook: Louisville
Route 50
(Bruce Tong and Jon Bricker, 16 pages)
Horsing Around, Moto-Couriers, Inc., Mad-Verb
Mercenaries in Fantasy Hero
(Tomas Skucas, 6 pages)
see article title
A Man Called Foxbat
(Bruce Harlick, 6 pages)
So You Want to Be a Rock'n'Roll Star [Rock Hero]
The Skill Zone
(Geoff Speare and Riley McLaughlin, 6 pages)
Heroes Welcome
(Tom Stevens, 6 pages)
Races: Wind Nymph, Pixie
W.O.L.F. P.A.C.
(David Holmes, 4 pages)
Organization, see article title
Hero Sandwich
(Greg Lloyd, 20 pages)
Mastermind Villain Foibles, Random Origin Generator
Speaking From the Devil's Podium
(Jim McAdams, 4 pages)
Champions Purity Test
Loose Change
(Terry Meadows, 22 pages)
Villain Team: Reunion
(James Davis, 12 pages)
Dear Raven, The Sword of Seimei in the Raintree World
The Comments Zone
(various contributors, 8 pages)