World Of Maenza
(Martin Maenza, 10 pages)
GMing 101 warns against supplements.
Take My Pledge, Please gives us a silly romp with the members of C.L.O.W.N.
The Rainbow Corner
(Ross Prebish, 4 pages)
A Day at the Zoo pits your heroes against ordinary animals.
While Shines the Sun
(Andy Mathews, 12 pages)
Champions in Other Countries examines character design without American influence. Magic Items From Fantasy Europe details several myths.
(Will Geiger, 8 pages)
Local Hero: Detroit gives us details about Will's city.
Long Shot
(Steve Long, 10 pages)
Steve presents Musical Hero and the Mythical Thor.
Ruff Stuff
(Rodney Ruff, 10 pages)
Champions Universe Glossary Errata is not for those without a sense of humor.
Loritsch's Log
(Rick Loritsch, 2 pages)
Rick presents Earthquakes in Champions.
Hero Sandwich
(Greg Lloyd and Bruce Tong, 22 pages)
Zarkin's Spells are for the mage who has everything.
Their Unique Fantasy Hero Magic System certainly is.
Koo-ki-do is a martial art for... chefs?
Route 50
(lots of people, 14 pages)
Fantasy Hero magic, Western Hero battles, modern law enforcement agencies, code against killing, and more topics are covered.
Using And Abusing DNPCs
(Tom Skucas, 5 pages)
They're more than just points.
Shoot The Women First
(Tom Skucas, 14 pages)
Counter-terrorist tactics and myths of terrorism are explained.
W.O.L.F. P.A.C.
(David Holmes, 2 pages)
The rest of the P.A.C. members are profiled.
Power Point
(Dave Mattingly and friends, 6 pages)
Adjustment Powers and their many strange uses and abuses are discussed.
Haymaker Extra
(the Omaha gang, 14 pages)
Eight-ball gaming, props, quotes, perception, agents, and a man who's falling apart comprise this bonus section.
Haymaker Extra II
(the Omaha gang, 10 pages)
Some of the best Clockwork Hero articles are reprinted.
The Comments Zone
(the members of Haymaker!, 8 pages)
Comments from the Authors.