World of Maenza
(Martin Maenza, 14 pages)
GMing 101 continues and the Dawn of the Heroes begins.
A Man Called Foxbat
(Bruce Harlick, 5 pages)
Characters for Bruce's Drift campaign can be generated randomly.
Power Point
(Dave Mattingly and friends, 16 pages)
Campaign ideas presented include Nighthawks of the Diner, the Three Musketeers, Leftover Hero, the New Universe, and Historical Hero.
(Chris Avellone, 6 pages)
Black Satin is an evil seductress for your Dark Champions campaign.
(Will Geiger, 12 pages)
Johnny Smoke is a hero in Will's Thunderboats game. Foo Fighters pretend to be UFOs.
The Rainbow Corner
(Ross Prebish, 5 pages)
Attack of the Fuzzies: They're cute! They're disgusting! They're invading!
Long Shot
(Steve Long, 44 pages)
Dark Champions: The Omega File begins Steve's look at what was left out of the published Dark Champions book.
Hero Sandwich
(Greg Lloyd, 36 pages)
Greg explores mentalists and mental powers and introduces the great Mental Lock mechanic.

Volume 2

About Us
Loritsch's Log
(Rick Loritsch, 6 pages)
Many normals for Champions are introduced.
Ruff Stuff
(Rodney Ruff, 32 pages)
Anarchy International is a high-tech terrorist group for your Champions game.
Fear and Loathing in San Mateo
(Bryce Nakagawa, 5 pages)
How can PC magic-users be effectively controlled by the GM?
Heroics Made Easy
(Steve Brinich, 8 pages)
The Ultimate Metamorph shows us all kinds of shapeshifting tricks.
Loose Change
(Terry Meadows, 4 pages)
Star Hero for Everyone covers many genre issues to make your campaign more effective.
The Skill Zone
(Geoff Speare and Riley McLaughlin, 10 pages)
Magic skills for Fantasy Hero undergo an in-depth look.
Alternate Suppression Fire Rules
(Geoff Speare and Tom Skucas, 3 pages)
Here's a way to make them a little more realistic.
Tiger's Tale
(Greg Elkins, 7 pages)
Greg shows us Shapeshifters for Fantasy Hero and several magic items.
W.O.L.F. P.A.C.
(David Holmes, 15 pages)
Lots of characters from David's gallery and his campaign ground rules show us his game world.
Route 50
(lots of people, 19 pages)
Bruce Tong begins a Solo Adventure for Champions. Todd Landrum measures organizational power.
While Shines the Sun
(Andy Mathews and Tim Binford, 10 pages)
Champions Whimsy Cards can add spice to your game. Superhero fashion is often overlooked. Harold the Blackhearted is a Fantasy Hero adventure.
The Comments Zone
(the members of Haymaker!, 17 pages)
Comments from the Authors.