(Chris Avellone, 11 pages)
Chris explores spooky Fell's Point and one of its citizens, The Orphan.
Long Shot
(Steve Long, 9 pages)
A best-selling horror author is kidnapped by Penny Dreadful, the literary villain!
(James Davis, 2 pages)
Figured Characteristics have their ups and downs.
A Man Called Foxbat
(Bruce Harlick, 9 pages)
There's more to these armored turtles than you think.
My Name is Baggins. Bilbo Baggins
(Tom Skucas, 7 pages)
Espionage in Fantasy Hero.
The Minutemen
(Rick Loritsch, 10 pages)
Heroes from Rick's campaign are introduced.
Power Point
(Dave Mattingly, 20 pages)
Time Manipulation is discussed -- everything from stopping time to traveling through it -- and even a sample character. Many tips for running a successful campaign are given.
Ruff Stuff
(Rodney Ruff, 14 pages)
Rod also gives many Champions tips and tricks. Continuity in the Champions Universe is explored.
Rules Corner
(Geoff Speare, 14 pages)
Geoff reviews rules changes presented in The Ultimate Mentalist.
The Scroll Case
(Todd and Brent Landrum and Amy Crittenden, 15 pages)
Lethality in Fantasy Hero: How deadly should it be? Encouraging Skills: Getting your Fantasy Hero players to buy "useless"skills. The Peasants Campaign: Low-level fantasy on 75 points.
(Will Geiger, 29 pages)
Nathaniel Hickock: He's dead, and he's not happy about it. World War 2 Hero: Nazi source material for your heroes to trounce. Pulp Hero: Aura Magic is profiled.
Thumbnail Sketches
(Greg Smith, 18 pages)
Greg writes himself up, and presents a psychic space marine.
Lots and lots of fantastic art.
World of Maenza
(Martin Maenza, 24 pages)
Dawn of the Heroes: Martin concludes this look at his campaign. The New Campaign: PCs and highlights are presented.
The Comments Zone
(the members of Haymaker!, 12 pages)
Comments from the Authors.