(Chris Avellone, 2 pages)
Chris tells us of Asylumand Asylum Bedtime Stories, and begins to develop X-Hero.
Hero Sandwich
(Greg Lloyd, 20 pages)
The Slightest Provocation is a Fantasy Hero adventure for Instant Hero.
Long Shot
(Steve Long, 6 pages)
The author of Dark Champions presents Power Advantages for Martial Arts.
(James Davis, 14 pages)
Vampires and Aura Magic enchant these pages.
The Nexus
(Amy Crittenden, 6 pages)
Computing in the HERO World is explored.
Power Point
(Dave Mattingly, 12 pages)
RiverCon is reviewed and Super Mages are discussed. Suggestions for HERO 5.0 are presented.
RFP Presents
(Michael Nunn, et al, 12 pages)
In their first Haymaker! issue, Rising Force Publications present information about themselves and their universe, including the characters Plasmax and Krag.
Route 50
(Bruce Tong and Jon Bricker, 10 pages)
Bruce delves into Cowboys for HERO and takes us behind the scenes of Enemies for Hire.
Ruff Stuff
(Rodney Ruff, 24 pages)
Teach your players the care and feeding of Pregens. The Ruff Gallery gives us many Golden Age and Pulp characters.
The Scroll Case
(Todd and Brent Landrum, 2 pages)
Critical Failure and Success tables for spells are proposed.
A Snake in the Grass
(Carol Gundrum and Judy Stucky, 4 pages)
In this scenario for Champions, the heroes are betrayed and find themselves stripped of their gadgets.
Thumbnail Sketches
(Greg Smith, 10 pages)
Middle Eastern Magic is presented via Zephirim Al-Zehara.
Using Magic to Create Superheroes
(Tom Skucas, 2 pages)
Are all superheroes magical by nature?
W.O.L.F. P.A.C.
(David Holmes, 4 pages)
The basics of good GMing are discussed.
World of Maenza
(Martin Maenza, 10 pages)
Partyman and Shockadelica rock the house. Zoinks! Saturday Morning Hero is a great campaign genre.
The Comments Zone
(the members of Haymaker!, 17 pages)
The contributors look at themselves.