An Extra Segement
(Dave Mattingly, 2 pages)
Welcome to issue #17.
Bob’s Original Hero Stuff Page
(Bob Greenwade, 28 pages)
Bob gets silly with the Gweenies;
…and weighs in with object mass;
…and shares his mass combat rules;
…and gives tips for campaign planning.
HERO in the Forgotten Realms
(Steven Mitchell, 4 pages)
Steven converts AD&D weapons to Fantasy Hero.
(James Davis, 2 pages)
James proposes ways to make the HERO System better.
The Manila Folder
(Derek Baumann, 7 pages)
Derek takes Haymaker!’s sporadic Local Hero column on a trip to the Philippines.
Power Point
(Dave Mattingly, 22 pages)
Dave looks at what (and who) goes into a good game.
Ruff Stuff
(Rodney Ruff, 20 pages)
Rodney gives advice on how to succeed at gaming;
…and profiles some of his favorite gamers;
…and skewers several superheroes.
Surbrook's Stuff
(Michael Surbrook, 20 pages)
Mike shares his guide to creating characters;
…and writes up a certain alien orphan;
…and upgrades GURPS to Hero.
(lots of people, 11 pages)
The readership comments on last issue.