Issue Theme: The Spooky Issue
An Extra Segement
(Dave Mattingly, 18 pages)
Dave unleashes issue #21;
…and whips out some more Thingamajigs.
Bob’s Original Hero Stuff Pages
(Bob Greenwade, 35 pages)
Bob leads an adventure against Spectrum;
…and cuts his Baby Teeth with villains.
Dark's Pandemonium
(Jonathon Dark, 3 pages)
Jonathon hexes us with the villainous Loa.
Deadly’s Epitaphs
(Tom Lively), 18 pages)
Tom debuts by flexing his Strength rules;
…and opens the super Cemetery Gates.
Drooling Fanboy Productions
(Nestor Rodriguez, 8 pages)
Nestor debuts with the Men in Black.
Ed’s Astonishing Tales
(Ed May, 6 pages)
Ed debuts with a golden age ghostly hero;
…and a random name generator.
Hart-Felt Words
(Lisa and Chris Hartjes, 28 pages)
Lisa and Chris debut with the Quantum Universe;
…and Lisa presents several spooky people.
Leah’s Notebook
(Leah Watts, 12 pages)
Leah digs up a devil woman and a holy man.
Miskatonic University
(George Brown, 12 pages)
George debuts with a metaphysical study of the undead.
Mythmaker's Muse
(Tim Kirk, 10 pages)
Tim debuts with Nocturne, supernatural twilight hero.
Nest of Thorns
(Ed Hastings, 39 pages)
Ed hunts demons with the FBI.
Notes from the Maw
(Geoff Depew, 4 pages)
Geoff eats our brains with his Illithid Hero.
Power Point
(Dave Mattingly, 20 pages)
Dave delves into our deepest fears and their meanings;
…and backs it up with some scary characters.
Realms Of The Arcane
(Rob Bose, 12 pages)
Rob enchants us with the Bone Mage spell college.
Ruff Stuff
(Rodney Ruff, 26 pages)
Rodney serves up interstellar mad scientists and monsters;
…and spoofs us all with APAManiacs.
Scroll Case
(Todd Landrum, 18 pages)
Todd musters up a mass battle system for Fuzion.
Shatterfall Gaming
(Phaedra Whitlock, 4 pages)
Phaedra debuts with an agent-level ghostly scenario.
(Derrick Thomas, 12 pages)
Derrick scares his simian crew with the evil Ape-Skinner.
Surbrook's Stuff
(Michael Surbrook, 26 pages)
Mike goes bump in the night with monsters and legends.
World of the Bizarre
(Mike Satran, 12 pages)
Mike debuts with a not-quite midnight train ride.
(everyone, 24 pages)
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