Issue Theme: Summertime Blues
An Extra Segement
(Lisa Hartjes, 6 pages)
Comments from the Coordinator.
Around The World In 6,912,000 Segments
(Ray Lowery, 18 pages)
Ray takes us to the Malachite Islands again, this time as tourists!
Hart-Felt Words
(Lisa Hartjes, 19 pages)
A sneak peek at some material from The Kandris Seal
A look at an old PBEM game Lisa used to run, called The Portal of Dreams.
Leah's Notebook
(Leah Watts, 4 pages)
Leah experiments with 5th edition and comes up with a set of Crystal Blades and Professor Furacão's Weather Vortex Generator.
Power Point
(Dave Mattingly, 4 pages)
Look out you varmits! Here comes the Nuclear Cowgirl!
Rocket Science
(Robert Phillips, 5 pages)
Another look at acceleration and some more Items of Power.
Robert once again tempts our tummies, this time with delectable desserts!
The Silver Lining
(Justin Dunnuck, 12 pages)
Justin goes after two of summer's favorite pasttimes.
Strange Visitor from Another Planet
(Theron Bretz, 8 pages)
An update from Theron, and two very good reviews!
Stuff That Heroes Are Made Of
(John Desmarais, 2 pages)
Random comments from John.
Surbrook's Stuff
(Michael Surbrook, 15 pages)
Mike starts early with his 5th edition conversions.
Tales From The Crib
(Chris Hartjes, 7 pages)
Chris takes us to the Quantum Universe and introduces the Cryers.
(everyone, 22 pages)
Our comments on last issue.