Issue Theme: 5th Edition Special
An Extra Segement
(Lisa Hartjes, 3 pages)
Comments from the Coordinator.
Around The World In 6,912,000 Segments
(Ray Lowery, 14 pages)
ROVer, Iron Wolf and Snafu come out to play.
Dancing at the Feet of the Moon
(Wayne Walls, 8 pages)
Wayne shells us with some reviews, a Con report, and his thoughts about 5th edition, and shows us one of the characters from his game.
Hart-Felt Words
(Lisa Hartjes, 6 pages)
Lisa provides another taste of The Kandris Seal.
Manila Folder
(Derek Baumann, 2 pages)
Derek provides this issue with a bit of Force.
The Nexus
(Amy Crittenden, 11 pages)
Sapphire Silk takes on San Angelo;
Suggestions of how to run a game on the fly.
Power Point
(Dave Mattingly, 4 pages)
Your fantasy characters need a rare herb or potion? Why not ask Albert Grand?
The Silver Lining
(Justin Dunnuck, 5 pages)
Justin shows us how Dr. Cascade evolved from a rookie to an experienced hero.
Stuck Inside of Mobile
(Bill Jackson, 8 pages)
Bill shows us how conversion to 5th edition affected several of his characters.
Stuff That Heroes Are Made Of
(John Desmarais, 17 pages)
Character archetypes for pulp and modern era games are the feature.
Surbrook's Stuff
(Michael Surbrook, 3 pages)
Mei Li Jing Shen puts in an appearance.
Tales From The Crib
(Chris Hartjes, 5 pages)
Chris hits us with some of the nasties that he has thrown at the players in his face-to-face game.
(everyone, 22 pages)
Our comments on last issue.