Issue Theme: The Theme Issue
An Extra Segement
(Ray Lowery, 6 pages)
Comments from the Coordinator.
Ad Nauseum
(Jon Garceau, 38 pages)
Ghost Wolf and Mourning Dove are a hero and heroine each born from death, but in different ways.
Fright Night could prove a grave threat for your heroes.
Around the World in 6,912,000 Segments
(Ray Lowery, 26 pages)
The Gamesmen play with the monarchy of Montenbourg.
Dancing At The Feet Of The Moon
(Wayne Walls, 2 pages)
Learn about Themes in Thag’s Games.
Deadman’s Epitaphs
(Tom Lively, 15 pages)
The Four Horsemen ride in to terrorize your Dark Champions game.
The Great Aussie Bite
(Mike Sims, 18 pages)
Deathforce 7 escapes from the Extreme Awesomeverse and invades your world.
I Hate Mimes!
(J. Scott Martin, 14 pages)
The relationship between father and son is explored in I Learned It From You Dad, I Learned It From You.
Leah's Notebook
(Leah Watts, 13 pages)
The Hudson City Knights will soon bring justice to GenCon.
Post-12 Recovery
(Joe Linehan, 9 pages)
Heroes from the Golden Age return in All-Thrills Comics.
Power Point
(Dave Mattingly, 2 pages)
Chi-Force is a martial artist who really messes with your mind.
Rhino Rhitings
(everyone, Derek Hiemforth, 12 pages)
The Star League returns from Haymaker! #35 to demonstrate how to use motif groups in Champions.
Vic Franken battles evil to make up for his ancestor’s madness.
Ruff Stuff
(Rodney Ruff, 141 pages)
Quizmaster Productions shows what a game you can make out of crime.
Learn about The Greatest(?) Shows on Earth.
Play Double Death, a Quizmaster Productions adventure for Champions.
Send your heroes on a Misery Date with this Quizmaster adventure.
Take a trip through Rod’s psyche with Confessions of a Trivial Mind.
Stuck Inside of Mobile
(Bill Jackson, 44 pages)
Your heroes will fall before Dr. Decapod and his team, the Steel Gauntlet!
The Stuff Heroes Are Made Of
(John Desmarais, 13 pages)
Visit Neptune City, a campaign setting suitable for genres from the 1920s to the present.
Nazis?! I hate Nazis! And now they’re after The Spear of Destiny!
PD Comics Presents!
(Chuck Turnitsa, 5 pages)
Take a trip to Neptune City Through the Ages.
Surbrook's Stuff
(Michael Surbrook, 30 pages)
XSWAT officer and sorceress Jamadigni Renaku visits us from the start, end, and sequel to the Greatest Game Mike Ever Played.
Tiger's Tale
(Greg Elkins, 4 pages)
W.O.M.E.N. seek power, wealth, and changes to society.
Trib Muse
(Tad Kelson, 17 pages)
Welcome to the Rusted Age.
The Ragged Man terrorizes the docks of Scrapped City.
Read about the Long Lonely Road Taken in The 2nd World.
Meet Dr. Sameul Smythe in the Other Places Travelogue.
Thumb through a penny dreadful in The Penny Hero.
Tyger's Tales
(Lisa Brown, 7 pages)
A superheroine’s origin continues in the second chapter of Bloom of the Tyger Lily.
Watson's Words
(Ross Watson, 17 pages)
Ross explains the Learning Curve in running the Shadows Angelus campaign.
XSWAT commander Alice Cadbury helped the Shadows Angelus heroes battle such foes as a Class 2 Entity.
(everyone, 9 pages)
Our comments on last issue.