Issue Theme: Let's Rock This Point
Filler Page: Cover Art Genesis
(Edd Ghent and Ray Lowery, 1 page)
An Extra Segement
(Ray Lowery, 4 pgs)
Comments from the Coordinator.
Ad Nauseum
(Jon Garceau, Jon Garceau, 13 pgs)
Have kazoo, will travel – so says The Magnificent Dantae!
Filler Page: The Many Faces of… GROND!
(Ray Lowery, 1 page)
Around the World in 6,912,000 Segments
(Ray Lowery, 10 pgs)
Your players all know Grond, but now you can rock their socks off with the rest of The Grond Family.
Jack Of All Trades
(Grady Elliott, 8 pgs)
Look out! Here comes OFFICE agent “Terminal” Johnson, hot on the trail of whomever (or whatever) caused Terracide.
Get a glimpse into one Terracide human’s interaction with extra-terrestrial life in This Alien Life
… and then meet Cassandra Murfak, captain of the Total Eclipse.
Surbrook's Stuff
(Mike Surbrook, 36 pgs)
Meet some musical legends in Rock and Roll, Hootchie Koo.
Tiger's Tale
(Greg Elkins, 4 pgs)
Learn about Mutant Relations and Classifications in Greg’s world.
(Various authors, 6 pgs)
Our comments on last issue.