An Extra Segement
(Ray Lowery, 4 pgs)
Comments from the Coordinator.
A Closer Look
(T. W. Green, 17 pages)
One of our newest authors sheds some light on Danger Rooms.
Filler Page: Cover Art Genesis
(John Yardley and Ray Lowery, 1 page)
Ad Nauseum
(Jon Garceau, Jon Garceau, 51 pgs)
Jon reveals the writeups for his GenCon BYOB characters, Pepito Ruiz and Elektra.
Meet a few creepy characters from Jon’s GGU days – Swarm and Absolution – plus some Cursed and Possessed Magical Items.
Finish off the night with Jon’s short play, revealing that death means Never a Goodbye.
Filler Page: Half-Pony Half-Monkey Monster
(John Yardley and Ray Lowery, 1 page)
Around the World in 6,912,000 Segments
(Ray Lowery, 10 pages) Meet Bankshot and Stalwart, Ray’s offerings at the GenCon BYOB game.
Speaking of things that come out at night, The Ravager has come to our world, and his plans aren’t at all nice...
Power Point
(Dave Mattingly, 4 pages)
From the darkest depths of space comes Blackwyrm’s latest offerings for Star Hero settings.
Dave reveals the sources for this year’s Haymaker! Jam.
Surbrook's Stuff
(Mike Surbrook, 29 pages)
Mike provides his GenCon Indy 2011 After-Action Report.
Grab that crowbar and get ready to take on alien overlords in Half-Life 2 Hero.
Filler Page: Tsathoggua
(John Yardley, 1 page)
(Various authors, 7 pgs)
Our comments on last issue.