An Extra Segement
(Ray Lowery, 4 pgs)
Comments from the Coordinator.
A Closer Look
(T.W. Green, 52 pages)
Take a detailed look at the Absorption Power, including some options that T.W. proposes.
Meet some characters with various uses of Absorption: Asteroid Beasts, Detective Stone, The Glob, Photonic, and Psincerity.
Ad Nauseum
(Jon Garceau, 44 pages)
Take to the mean streets with some vigilante/street-level characters: Good Sam, Rockin’ Robin Hood, John Hammer, Bill Hathaway, Mickey Finn, and Jersey Brown.
Then take a break from your patrols with some fiction about John Hammer (It’s a Job) and Jersey Brown (Good Morning, Jersey Brown).
(Charles Picard, 5 pages)
Meet the masters of extraction as Charles asks, Wanna Get Away?
Filler Page: Gamers for Humanity – Call for Authors
(Ray Lowery, 1 page)
Surbrook's Stuff
(Mike Surbrook, 67 pages)
From the Pictures That Might Be Campaign Characters comes Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right.
Take a trip to mythic Egypt with Ancient Egypt Hero.
From there, it’s a short trip to visit Mythic Greece Hero.
Get your bows and arrows ready as we join the merry men of Robin Hood Hero.
Finally, break out those horned helmets and wooden shields. It’s time to take on the berserker fury of Viking Hero.
Tiger's Tale
(Greg Elkins, 47 pages)
Vigilance requires that we kill all mutants! So say the Church and Knights of Genetic Purity!
Mutants and non-mutants can get along! That is the credo of the Mutant Freedom Organization.
(Various authors, 9 pgs)
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