An Extra Segement
(Ray Lowery, 3 pgs)
Comments from the Coordinator.
Filler Page: Cover Art Genesis
(Keri Greenwood and Ray Lowery, 1 page)
A Closer Look...
(T.W. Green, 49 pages)
Quozaxx takes a closer look at Cold and Cryogenics.
Let’s hope you don’t run afoul of the villains of Sub-Zero.
The chill of the grave can’t stop the return of Frankenstein’s Monster.
Frightful Creatures with Chilling Features
(Ray Lowery, 1 page)
Ad Nauseum
(Jon Garceau, 8 pages)
Hope you don’t cross paths with Harvest, a cold-hearted serial killer/assassin.
(Charles Picard, 8 pages)
It’s time to race across the snow in a few vehicles that go Beyond the Snowmobile.
Imaginary Friends Preview
(Michael Satran, 12 pages)
Mike gives us a glimpse into his latest adventure publication, Imaginary Friends.
Meet Totem, a sample character from Imaginary Friends.
The Stuff Heroes Are Made Of
(John Desmarais, 11 pages)
John gives us some insight into Online Gaming, Our Way.
Take a break from the cold with a visit to The Volcano God.
Frightful Ice Volcanoes on a Moon of Saturn
(Ray Lowery, 1 page)
Surbrook's Stuff
(Mike Surbrook, 58 pages)
Get ready for some Ghosts, Ghouls, and Golems to turn your blood to ice!
Peruse a handful of Original Characters from forces of nature to mermaids.
As a bonus present, Mike returns to Shadows Angelus with some short stories and a visit to XSWAT pathologist Angelina Winterfox.
(Various authors, 14 pgs)
Our comments on last issue.