An Extra Segement
(Ray Lowery, 2 pgs)
Comments from the Coordinator.
A Closer Look...
(T.W. Green, 104 pages)
Break out those rakes because it’s time for Plants vs. Zombies (the Sequel).
You can’t get much more out-of-the-way than another dimension, so come along as Quozaxx converts the 1980s TV show, Sliders, into Hero terms.
Ad Nauseum
(Jon Garceau, 31 pages)
Jon converts some 4th Edition Global Guardians characters, Blarney and db, to 6th Edition. Learn more about db in a short piece of fiction, A Head on the Wall.
Travel to Israel to visit Inert of the Heroes of Hafia.
Filler Page: Freelancers Needed
(Christina Stiles, 1 page)
Around the World in 6,912,000 Segments
(Ray Lowery and friends, 38 pages)
Sliding in from Quozaxx’s game on Hero Central, meet British secret agent Ian Moore.
Take a trip to Ray’s post-apocalypse Morrow Project Hero game and visit The Kingdom of Detroit.
Leah’s Notebook
(Leah Watts, 16 pages)
Run in terror from Bridezilla! and see Leah’s 1820 Shaker costume from the Historical Masquerade at Costume Con 31.
Four types of extraplanar beings get updated with the Sixth Edition Valdorian Age.
Power Point
(Dave Mattingly, 24 pages)
Meet the legion of Cereal Characters from Dave’s Cereal Killers games.
Surbrook's Stuff
(Mike Surbrook, 68 pages)
Run! Hide! Call in the Science Patrol! It’s Atomic Monster Hero!
Get ready for adventure in a Return to the Well of the Worlds.
Tiger's Tale
(Greg Elkins, 33 pages)
Take a trip to the post-apocalyptic far future in Gamma Hero.
Greg blows our minds with the members of PsiForce.
Filler Page: Champions Genre Word Search
(T.W. Green, 1 page)
(Tad Kelson, 5 pages)
Tad returns to share Some Lists with us.
(Various authors, 10 pgs)
Our comments on last issue.