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Gaming Publishers

  • Hero Games's company page is the place to read about what's going on in the world of Hero.
  • BlackWyrm Games publishes lots of great Hero stuff.
  • Check out Final Redoubt and their Echoes of Heaven game world for the HERO System.

Champions Zines

  • Digital Hero is the official magazine of Hero Games.
  • Haymaker! covers the entire HERO System: Champions, Fantasy Hero, Justice Inc., Western Hero, Super Agents, and a lot more.

Gaming Zines

Champions & HERO System Resources

Gaming Resources

  • Web RPG has some good Hero forums in Town Hall, and some entertaining Top 10 lists.
  • You can check the Directory of Christian Roleplayers to find a Godly gamer near you.
  • Uncle Bear keeps up with the RPG and comic book industries, and provides several gaming articles and tools.
  • Lester Dent's paper on his pulp formula or Brian Stokes' Random Log-Line Generator can unclog your GM's block.
  • The Cyborger can turn any name into a robotic acronym.
  • Irony Games has several web tools for gaming, such as locale generators, people generators, adventure generators, and many more.
  • RPG Net has a lot of gaming information: news, reviews, articles, and more.
  • Who remembers the old Scott Adams adventure games? Play them over the Web.
  • Play a graphical online choose-your-own-adventure game at Castle Quest.
  • GenCon is America's largest gaming convention, held in August in Indianapolis. Be there if you can.
  • The Fantasy Library hosts articles and many other resources for your fantasy games.

Art Resources

Superhero Resources

  • Remember the old Champions comic books? Flare? Icicle? Go read their continuing adventures online, at Heroic Publishing.

Superhero Humor

Gaming Humor

  • John Kovalic's Dork Tower pokes fun at gamers.
  • EvilOverlord.Com has plenty of advice on how to conquer the world. I tried it, and became an evil overlord in just two weeks!
  • Or check out a set of lists for both villains and heroes, henchmen and sidekicks, at the Stupid Plot Tricks page.

Writing References

Writing Resources